Usher Ministry

The Usher Ministry of Park West Church is an extension of evangelism. Ushers provide a welcoming first impression and atmosphere for visitors, by greeting and seating them in an appropriate and orderly manner, and cultivate an effective worship experience for all attendees of the service. Ushers have a tremendous responsibility, as they are servants, a watchman, a host, and even a soul winner, as they prepare people to commune with and worship the Lord.

It is our goal to maintain four 8 man crews. Each crew serves one Sunday per month. We want our ushers, as much as possible, to enter into Praise and Worship while serving. Butch Burson serves as the leader for this vital ministry.

As an usher, your actions, speech, and devotion may lead someone to a desire to know the Lord of your life.

Years ago, two young boys attended a tent revival meeting and decided to return a second night...but finding the tent full, started to leave. An usher stopped them and said, "Wait boys, I think I can find two seats for you in the choir area." And there he sat them! That's where Jesus found and saved them...Grady Wilson and Billy Graham...right where a faithful usher had placed them.

If you are interesting in serving on this team, contact for more information. Ushers are needed during Sunday morning services and are scheduled one service per month.