The Host Team is dedicated to insure that every person who attends Park West Church feels welcome. We want guests, as well as our members and regular attendees, to feel a sense of belonging and provide a comfortable atmosphere for everyone to take advantage of the opportunities available at Park West Church.

The Host Team is also available to give directions, or answer questions, for anyone needing assistance for the various services. 

Currently, there are over 60 people involved in this outreach and we are looking to grow this ministry with more enthusiastic people who can share God's love with a smile and a handshake. As the church grows, we want to expand the Host Team, and be part of what God is doing at Park West Church.

Making a good first impression is of the utmost importance to us. Park West believes greeting everyone with a handshake, a smile, and trying to let everyone know that they are loved and cared for, are essential in showing God's love.

We are currently seeking 6 more greeters for our 9AM service and 4 more greeters for our 11AM service.

For more information on serving, please contact us at