Event Planning

Planning an event at one of our campuses? This is a great place to get started!

The church’s facilities were provided through God’s benevolence and by the sacrificial generosity of church members. The church desires that its facilities be used for the fellowship of the Body of Christ and always to God’s glory. We also make our facilities available to *approved non-member persons and groups as a witness to our faith and in the spirit of Christian charity.


Need space? Let us know! Click Here to Reserve a Space

A facility form must be submitted at least two weeks prior to your event date. 


Questions about room reservation? Email us at facility@parkwest.org


The van is treated as a resource and requires being reserved on the church calendar, just as a room or building would be. Park West Church Operations Manager will determine the availability of the vehicle. The vehicle must be requested at least 3 weeks in advance to allow adequate time to ensure the vehicle is available, reserved, and the driver is approved.

Review the reservation guidelines and DOWNLOAD THE NEED FORMS HERE

Questions about van reservation? Email us at facility@parkwest.org


Need help with sound, video, or lighting while you're here?  You're in the right place! DOWNLOAD OUR MEDIA REQUEST FORM HERE

Please turn this form in at least two weeks prior to your event date. Forms can be emailed to media@parkwest.org. 

Questions about your media needs? Email us at media@parkwest.org


Need your event promoted? Here's how to get started!


  • All requests must be emailed to announcements@parkwest.org.
  • Consecutive-week requests are accepted (e.g., please put this in the bulletin for the next 2 Sundays.). However, because of space, blanket reoccurring requests are not accepted (e.g., Please, put this in the bulletin the first Sunday of every month.).
  • Once a request is submitted it is placed on a list for approval based on available space, relevance, demographic, & urgency.
  • In order to protect your privacy, including personal contact information in an announcement is not encouraged. Whenever possible, those interested in an event or ministry should be directed to an appropriate PWC contact and the staff member responsible for that contact will forward the information to you (e.g., #serve opportunities to volunteer@parkwest.org).
  • If registration for an event is required, it must be open and available before the announcement/promotion begins.
  • Each desired promotion type must be specified in the request.


Questions about announcements and promotion? Email us at announcements@parkwest.org

CHURCH OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Thursday 9am-12pm & 1pm-4:30pm (closed from 12pm-1pm)

*Non-member persons must receive the lead pastor’s approval for events held on church property. Facility use & event promotion will not be permitted to persons or groups holding, advancing, or advocating beliefs, or engaging in practices that conflict with the church’s faith or moral teachings.