Global Infusion (Missions)


2020 Mission Trips


THAILAND (February) 


PERU (July)

UKRAINE (September)

GHANA (October)


COSTA RICA (November)

KENYA (December)

2021 Mission Trips

NEPAL (February)



JAPAN (July)

COSTA RICA (November)


Every 1st Sunday of each month, PWC Missions meets in C122-123. If you are interested more in missions or want to go on a trip, please come right after service to the missions training. Any and all are welcome and lunch is provided. 

There are over 2 billion people in this world that are considered "unreached."  In Matthew 28, Jesus commanded us to go to the nations with His Gospel.  Park West Church regularly has many members that go out into all the world on foreign mission trips.


We have also partnered with Global Infusion, a ministry run by our missions Pastor, Jonathan Haward, that sends short-term teams out to more than a dozen different countries all throughout the year.  There are adult, youth, family, and multi-generational trips available.  If you are interested in joining a Park West mission team, please contact Pastor Jonathan directly:

To learn more information about Global Infusion, click here to leave the Park West Church site and visit the Global Infusion website.