We do not offer any emergency or financial assistance at this time. We can refer you to a couple of agencies that you can contact:

      • Compassion Coalition  251-1591
      • Salvation Army  525-9401 (No rent, just shelter)
      • CAC (Community Action Committee)  546-3500
      • Ladies of Charity
      • KARM 637-6540 (For homeless - Housing & food)
      • West Park Baptist 690-0031 (Public food pantry)

Another option we can give you are the food truck locations through the Knoxville Dream Center. They do not provide emergency or financial assistance either, but they can help you with food. They have various food truck locations in Knoxville. You may find more information on their website. If you are a member or regular attender of Park West Church and you need emergency assistance, please call the church offices (865.693.0144) to speak with someone on staff who can direct your call.