Bringing to Light

Robert and Charlotte Fawver lead the Bringing to Light ministry. Charlotte has been ministering on the radio for more than 20 years. After being heard on short-wave Christian radio, the response to the program has come from nations all over the world. Charlotte has a television program that airs twice a week on WVLR-TV 48 throughout Tennessee, in Iowa, and Missouri. Charlotte taught the evening sanctuary class, 'Homebuilders' at Park West Church for 10 years. She offers her monthly newsletter, News from Bringing To Light.

Even though Charlotte has this widespread ministry, she is quick to say that her greatest ministry is being a wife and mother.  Their oldest son Chris is a computer engineer with a Master’s Degree, employed with Blue Cross Blue Shield in South Carolina. He has two sons, Andrew Christopher and Evan James. Charese is their oldest daughter who is married to David Graves, and they have two sons, Ryan David and Brayden John.  Charese is a busy stay-at-home mom and works closely with the school system. Chaunta, the youngest daughter, is married to Erik Hockman and they have Hannah Marie and Micah Erik. Chaunta is a graduate from Oral Roberts University and is a registered nurse with Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center in Knoxville. Cheles, their youngest son, is an x-ray technician with two local hospitals. 

Charlotte has ministered in 14 nations. Her ministry has sent hundreds of Bibles into the world and thousands of Spanish Bibles to Cuba. Charlotte and her husband have taken Bibles and Christian literature into Cuba on three occasions. They have ministered three years with a medical team in Quito, Ecuador.

In 1978, Charlotte had an out-of-the-body experience. She had allowed fear to come into her life, and two days following the birth of Chaunta, she died. Many believers were there and would not let her go. She came back into her body, fear was broken, and she is very much alive today. Charlotte knows first-hand the consequences of satan's device, fear; and shares her testimony to set others free.

Jesus appeared to Charlotte in a dream and laid hands on her. He told her that she would lay hands on those with cancer and they would recover. Truly, that has been confirmed many times. Charlotte has seen the blinded eyes open, the dumb speak, and the sick made well.

Charlotte received a degree in Christian counseling from Oral Roberts University. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and received the Most Outstanding Student Award. She has been counseling with many hurting people as a Pastor at Park West Church. She received her license through a study program with the Church of God. She has received the Exhorters and Ordained license and completed the Ministerial Internship Program. She received her Master’s in Christian Care and Counseling and graduated Summa Cum Laude and received the Pentecostal Student award from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary

Every Bringing to Light program begins with Charlotte's words, "Today is your day for victory in Jesus" and closes with, "I love you. I love you all." Thousands of people are blessed daily by these words that come from her heart. Compassion has truly been a tool that Jesus has used in Charlotte's life to deliver hurting people. In all of her ministry outreach, it is easy to see that her greatest desire is to reach the world for Jesus.


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